I have a swollen gland in my arm pit. It comes and goes. Is there anything I can take to make it go away.

Natural Treatment for Swollen Gland in Arm Pit

Lymph glands are of the size of a peanut. They are generally not visible and are obvious during infection. The size increases to that of a marble. Swelling of the glands in the arm pits, is a result of infection in the arm. Normalcy is attained on recovery from infection. Swollen lymph in the regions of groins, neck and arm pit is seen during viral infections, such as glandular fever. Cancerous cells in certain areas of the body also results in lymph gland inflammation of the armpit. Inflammation of the glands, due to cancer or lymphoma is a slow process.

Treatment depends on the cause of the complication. Swelling due to cancerous cells requires extensive treatment. Not diagnosing the reason for cause calls for immediate attention. Lump in the armpit, also referred to as localized lymphadenopathy, is also contributed by use of harsh chemicals, shaving and deodorants. Self examination of the breasts with the arm pit, at regular intervals is essential. Avoid squeezing the lumps, as infection might spread. Scratching or puncturing the lump is not allowed. Wear light clothing that fails to irritate the lump is helpful. Warm washcloths applied on the affected area prove beneficial.

answered by Dr C

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