I have itching all over my body, no other symptoms and nothing visible on the skin, and itches much worse after any scratching or rubbing. Only forms of comfort are Vaseline, and taking Nettle leaf capsules or tea.

Scratching a niggling itch will only worsen the situation as your nails or any device used to scratch the skin aggravates the skin cells in that particular area and causes it to inflame even further. Moreover if it happens to be some sort of skin infection then it is highly possible that the bacteria that's causing the infection is getting transmitted beneath the nails to different parts of the body, as the fingers touch the rest of the body.

Firstly cleanse yourself well with an antibacterial soap and warm water. Pat dry with a soft towel. Make a skin emollient at home with the help of fresh lemon juice, aloe vera extract and primrose evening oil. Take two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice; add to this an equal quantity of aloe vera extract that has been taken out of a tender leaf of an aloe plant. Break open three capsules of primrose evening oil or two teaspoons of the oil from a bottle. Mix this well thoroughly and apply it gently to the affected areas on the skin. This preparation will cause the itch to go away. Keep this application on for at least a couple of hours. Use this application everyday for 20 days until you find relief from the itching.

answered by K C

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