I am an active new Mom of a 5 month old boy and I have occasional heart palpitations (flip flop feeling in my chest) each day. I have had blood work and heart monitor tests, but all seems okay -is there anything that I should worry about?

Most new mothers face anxiety attacks due to the change in their lifestyle after the addition of a new person and new responsibilities. Often dismissed as excessive anxiety amongst new mothers, postpartum anxiety should not be ignored. It is highly recommended to consult a health specialist and talk about any anxiety attacks irrespective of how it manifests itself. Panic attacks in the form of chest pain or discomfort, feeling of choking or breathlessness, dizziness and palpitations are one of the many forms of postpartum anxiety.

However palpitations could also represent more than mere postpartum anxiety. The symptoms of postpartum thyroiditis include anxiety, weight loss, extreme fatigue and palpitations. Family, new mothers and even doctors have a tendency of dismissing any anxiety as typical reactions from new mothers especially since the symptoms are similar to those of postpartum thyroiditis. But they shouldn’t be ignored but tested and confirmed. Usually the inflammation of the thyroid cures itself over a period of time but sometimes medication is necessary or else it can develop into hypothyroidism over time. If you have suffered from postpartum thyroiditis in your first pregnancy then the chances of a re-occurrence in later pregnancies are very high. It is thus advisable to get your thyroid level checked and to consult a specialist.

answered by G M

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