Foreign Object Stuck in Throat: A peice of packing tape stuck in the throat how would one get it out

Remedy for foreign object stuck in throat

One of the most effective known remedies for foreign objects stuck in the throat is to chew on a handful of potato chips and swallow a whole lump of them all at once. This mixture of saliva, salt, oil and potatoes is abrasive yet smooth in nature and will most likely push down whatever is obstructing the throat. If the piece is not very big or obtrusive, it will exit your body through normal channels of excretion. Try this method as many times as you have to. You can also try filling your mouth with bread and then swallowing the whole lump together. It will have the same effect as the potato chips. Another effective remedy for removing something stuck in the throat is to try and gargle with warm water. You can also try to gently massage the throat with upward strokes from the outside.

In case of more serious choking, you can try the Heimlich manoeuvre, in which you use your hands to exert pressure on the bottom of the diaphragm. By thrusting repeatedly, the foreign object may be expelled from the throat. However, this procedure can sometimes cause injury and is best performed by a person who has some training in first aid. This method may strictly not used if you are pregnant.

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