I have a broken blood vessel on my face. Is there anyway to fix it besides lasers? Thanks, Jason

There are ways in which bruises can be healed without the help of a laser.

  • Take loads and loads of complete rest
  • Keep applying ice to the affected area. This constricts the blood vessels around the injury thus making sure that a lot of blood does not flow to the tissues.
  • Keep applying ice regularly but make sure that before the next application starts the body is warmed up a bit. This should be done for a day
  • Make sure you elevate your face as keeping it in an elevated positions drains the blood from the affected area
  • Crush some fresh parsley leaves and apply them on the bruise. Hold the leaves on the bruise with the help of a bandage. It is said that parsley can remove the black and blue discoloration within a day or two.
  • Reach for foods which have high Vitamin C content like oranges and citrus fruits
  • Vitamin supplements also do the job but fresh fruits are a better option
  • Apart from Vitamin C, another great vitamin that helps in arresting bruises is Vitamin K and this can be found in the cabbage family. Broccoli, cabbage, spinach etc are rich sources of vitamin K.

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