I had a blood bump on my tongue and it hurts. What could have caused it ?

Causes and home remedies for bump on tongue

  • Exposed taste buds could be one of the causes for the bump on your tongue. These bumps sometimes occur due to excessive biting of your cheeks, clenching or grinding of teeth and constantly flipping your tongue around in the mouth.
  • Bumps on tongue can also be caused due to an allergic reaction to some medications. As a natural cure for bump on tongue, keep your teeth and tongue clean and rinse your mouth every time after eating anything. You can use saline solution or a soothing potion containing Maalox, Mylanta or liquid Benadryl as an alternative therapy. Though the bump on tongue does not normally stay for more than a day or two but if it has been there for a long time then it would be advisable if you show it to your doctor or dentist.
  • Lack of vitamin B also causes bumps on tongue. Increase its daily intake till the bump is cured.
  • Another cause for bump is thrush which is a yeast infection. Infection of the oral cavity or oral ulcer can also cause bump on tongue. In this case, you will have to consult your dentist.
  • You can use a throat spray to reduce the burning sensation. This is just a symptomatic treatment.
  • Allergy to some foods or your regular toothpaste could also be causing the bump on your tongue. Keep a check on these and the bump might go away by avoiding the food or by changing your toothpaste

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