I had a filling in my tooth. there was a sharp edge which rubbed my tongue. The rough edge was grinded down and now my tongue still hurts. I need something to sooth the pain til the lesion goes away. Any ideas?

A tongue injury can be very annoying as it interferes with our daily eating and drinking patterns. Tongue tissue usually heals on its own when some time is given. Avoid irritating the tissue by trying too many remedies at a time. Suck a small cube of ice for instant relief. Ice will help to numb the tissue and nerve endings and thereby decrease the pain. However do not chew the ice while sucking as it can cause severe damage to your teeth. You can keep ice pops or ice creams handy for instant relief when you feel the hurting sensation in the tongue. Avoid eating too hot foods or too spicy foods till the tongue tissue is healed. Be patient just wait for 3-4 days, the tongue will heal on its own. However consult a specialist if your pain becomes severe or the tissue gets infected (in very rare cases) for instant medical assistance.

answered by Dr S

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