natural options for lowering blood sugar levels?

There are several simple ways for you to keep your blood sugar levels under control. The most important fundamental steps you need to take are to exercise regularly, regulate your diet, and lose weight if necessary.

Regarding your diet, you should work with your doctor to determine what is best for you. There is not enough consensus on the carbohydrate percentage required in the caloric intake of diabetics to make a recommendation here. Some people recommend a carbohydrate intake of up to 70%, while others recommend gradual replacement of carbs by fats. There have also been several indications in recent years that a high fiber diet is extremely beneficial in controlling blood sugar levels.

However, foods that have proven to be useful in lowering sugar levels include fish oil (one tablet a day), vinegar (before a starchy meal), cinnamon (a couple of grams a day), bitter gourd (a glass of the juice taken every morning), and fenugreek (soak a teaspoon of seeds overnight, and drink the concoction the next morning, including the soaked seeds).

Diabetes also tends to have an associated risk of heart disease. In addition, you should therefore keep track of and control your blood pressure and cholesterol. It also never hurts to stop smoking.

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