Stopped ear treatment

When discussing stopped up ears, we must first discuss the anatomy of the ears. Each ear is made up of several different parts that aid the functioning of the hearing process. The external cartilaginous structure of the ear is designed to funnel sound into the ear canal. The ear canal is lined with many tiny hairs which are designed to trap foreign substances. The ear canal is also coated with ear wax which is designed to do the same job. The outer ear and the inner ear structures are divided by a membrane. This membrane is air tight and does not allow air to flow through or around it. It, instead, vibrates in response to sound and then passes this vibration to the bones of the ear which, subsequently, pass it to the brain for decoding. This process happens throughout the day. Even while sleeping, the ear is passing information to the brain. This information is being ignored while the individual is asleep. The inner part of the ear is connected to the nasal and oral cavities. This connection is essential because there needs to be an identical air pressure both outside and inside the ear. Once one has understood this structure, we can discuss the problem of stopped up ears.

The term stopped up ears applies to a condition where there is a blockage in the ear. This phrase is often used for blockages on both sides, whether internal or external. We can therefore discuss stopped up ears as also stopped up ears remedy options from each side separately.

External blockage to the ear is usually caused by the buildup of ear wax. Ear wax tends to be produced continuously. During periods of cold or periods of infection, the body may produce more ear wax than normal. General hygiene dictates that we clean our ears regularly with ear buds. These buds remove some of the excess wax, thus maintaining a clean and clear passage for sound into the ear membrane. This therefore is an effective stuffed up ear treatment. However it is necessary to see that an ear stopped up with wax should be cleaned carefully. In any case, the ear bud should not be placed too deep into the ear. This could cause damage to the membrane which may even be permanent. An ear stopped up with wax may not be cleaned effectively with ear buds. This is because the bud may actually end up pushing wax deeper into the ear which is exactly the opposite of what one wishes to achieve. Therefore one may then question, 'What to do for stopped up ears?' In this situation, the treatment for a stopped up ear involves the irrigation of the ear at a doctor’s clinic. Here, special equipment is used to remove the excess wax from the ear. A problem that involves the ear stopped up with wax is an external problem that could be easily sorted out. Treatments for how to unplug ears with wax include other remedies as well. One may seek home remedies for stopped up ears. These stopped up ear remedies include the use of a warm compress to the outer bones of the ear. Individuals may also use, under prescription, some ear drops to help dissolve the wax so that it drains out easily. Home use ear irrigators are also available which can be used for the same purpose. Individuals who have chronic stopped up ears may seek these remedies as it is expensive to visit a doctor all the time and it may not even be convenient to do so.

Internal blockages could cause pain and discomfort to the individual and also cause problems with balance. The balance mechanism of the human body is located in the inner ear. When the ear is blocked up for whatever reason, the individual may experience difficulty with balance. An individual with this sort of problem may experience the ears stopped up with a dizzy sensation as well. This usually occurs when there is a sinus infection or a cold that causes mucus to build up in the canals of the nasal-oral-ear system. This mucus blocks the movement of air to and from the ear. This causes pressure differences to exist between the inner and outer ear. This pressure difference causes pain and is responsible for the sensation of a stopped up ear. In such a situation, the patient should treat the cause so that the symptom can go away. An individual with this type of problem may feel that the ears are stopped up and ringing. This ringing is related to the vibrations that are passed through the mucus which irritates the membrane. An individual with a nasal blockage is far more likely to experience stopped up ears after flying. An individual experiences stopped up ears after flying as a result of the imbalance between the lower air pressure in the plane and the higher air pressure within the inner ear. In normal circumstances, the body adjusts automatically because the nose and mouth allow lower pressure air into the inner ear. When there is a blockage in the sinuses, the individual may not experience the relief of this pressure equalization. Therefore, it is common for individuals with colds to experience stopped up ears after flying.

The remedy for this type of condition is to try and blow the nose to evacuate some of the mucus material that has built up within it. Often, the blowing action itself will help to dislodge some of the mucus which helps to equalize the air pressures. Individuals who experience ears stopped up after flying and, indeed, ears stopped up from a sinus infection are also encouraged to swallow. Swallowing a glass of warm water sip-by-sip may help with this process. The process of swallowing leads to a temporary change of pressure. This may dislodge the offending material and allow the inner ear access to atmospheric air. This process may be done with warm water or any warm drink to provide further relief to the individual.

In most cases, stopped up ears treatment is easy and can be done at home. An individual who has experienced the problem before will be able to solve his or her own problem easily. Excessive pain during an episode of stopped up ears is a sign of some serious problem and must be referred to a doctor. It is also recommended that you check with your doctor, if you are not sure of a particular home cure for unclog ears.

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Stopped Ear Treatment

Stopped up ears can be caused by a number of things. The most common of these is an ear wax plug. As gross as it may seem, this is very common. The most important thing to do, or not do as the case is here, is to NOT try to dig out the plug with a cotton swab or anything else. This will only force the wax into the ear where it is not supposed to be and this can cause damage and rupturing of the ear drum....which can cause loss of hearing. So, how to get the ear wax out of your ear....take an eye dropper that is sterile and hydrogen peroxide. Using the dropper, put several drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear. Let it stay in there until it stops bubbling. Then wipe your ear with a soft cloth. After you are done with the hydrogen peroxide, take the eye dropper and flush your ears out with rubbing alcohol. This evaporates the water left by the hydrogen peroxide and will help flush any remaining wax to the outer ear where you can wipe it off with a soft cloth. Be very gentle with your ears, they are fragile and can be damaged easily.

answered by J M

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