Fastest treatment to heal sores?

Sore is a broad term. Your question is vague, regarding the place of occurrence of the sore and the cause. Common forms of sores are canker sores, cold sores, bed sores and so on. I understand your query as bed sores. Supplements of vitamin B complex, folic acid, ascorbic acid and zinc are recommended for all kinds of sores. A mixture of iodine and milk of magnesia helps in curing bed sores. Honey or liquid lecithin is topically applied. Ointments comprising of zinc prove beneficial. Whisking vaseline and milk of magnesia relieves bed sores within a day. Many individuals reveal the healing effect of cane sugar, though, it has not been proved. Repeated position changing while on bed helps. Meat and high fibre diets are avoided. Keeping the area dry is vital for speedy recovery. Sprinkling antibiotic powder is useful. Cleaning solution of saline or any other disinfectant is good enough. A poultice of honey and sugar is effective. Vitamin E oil is applied all over the body. A balanced diet comprising of all the essential vitamins and minerals is important. Aloe vera gel is an equally effective remedy. Goldenseal or echinacea powder can be sprinkled over the affected area.

answered by Dr C

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