How to treat sores that do not heal?

Being troubled with sores that do not heal easily or quickly is not an unusual occurrence. Unless you are troubled with sores that are not healing for a period of more than a month, there is nothing to get alarmed about, really. Please understand that different people have different body types. While some people may heal within a week or two, others may very well take a month to heal from the same wound. There is no cause for alarm. This concept depends upon your metabolism. Now if you are troubled with sores that have stuck around for a period of months, then you are well placed to worry about them. The first thing you should be doing is to go to your regular family physician, who will be familiar with your family history and also your own personal medical history. In all probability, you will be asked to go for a further blood examination. The reason for this is that wounds and sores that do not heal are a common sign of high blood sugar. It is also a sign of lowered immunity. However, there is no cause for you to jump to any conclusions of any kind until after you have been examined. The reason for this is that, as said earlier, it could very well be possible that you are just a person with a slow metabolism which simply makes it take your body longer to heal.

You can also try out some easy methods to see if you can accelerate your healing right at home. To begin with, get fresh turmeric powder and apply this to your sores which are not healing. Turmeric powder has tremendous healing properties that will heal an open and bleeding wound in less than a week. If you have an open sore that is bleeding or lacerated, you may very well find that it stops bleeding and a membrane of healing skin will appear on it within a day of using turmeric powder on it. Along with this treatment, you can also drink a glass of milk which is comfortably hot and to which you have added a pinch of turmeric powder as well. This may not be the most delicious or even the most palatable thing to consume, but it will work towards accelerating the healing addition to these treatments, make sure that your sores are always kept dry. After your shower, make sure that you dry the sores gently but completely and dust the area with an anti-microbial powder to prevent infection.

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