How can I treat nose sores

Sores are small ulcers or open skin infection that can appear anywhere on the body, and these can be really painful when they happen in the nose. Sores in the nose cause pain and discomfort, and may become scaly and bleed if picked. Nose sores are typically caused by bacteria or virus infections. These can be due to a bacterial infection of staphylococcus bacteria, which leads to crusty, dry lesions, with oozing. At times, sores are caused when the nose hair is trimmed and a small cut leads to an infection. Herpes simplex virus, nasal sprays, jewelry, and other chemicals can also trigger nose sores. A lack of particular nutrients is also known to sometimes be the cause of nose sores. Nose sores can also be caused to extreme cold when the skin can get dry and become itchy.

To treat nose sores one needs to know the reason for the sore. This is important as sometimes the medication used to treat the condition can cause allergies and therefore worsen the situation. Here are some ways of treating nose sores:

  • Use a topical antibiotic cream for nose sores treatment. In the alternative, antibiotics can also be taken orally. These are necessary for bacterial infections, and it is best to consult a doctor for this.
  • Avoid touching or pinching the nose due to irritation. To clear any pus or blood use soft cotton swab and clean gently. Also remember to wash your hands clean before you wash your nose.
  • Eat foods with needed nutrients to treat nose sores. Vitamin and mineral rich foods are helpful and aid in healing nose sores. This also helps improve your immune system, which is crucial for fighting nose sores.
  • Garlic is an excellent home remedy to heal nose sores. It is an excellent antiviral and antiseptic antidote. You can crush few flakes of fresh garlic and apply this in the nose. It might cause a burning sensation, but it brings about healing.

In case the sore is severe or chronic consult your physician for appropriate medication.

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