What can I do at home to reduce swelling to my face other than to ice it?

The cause has to be identified. Sensitivity or intolerance to foods results in a swollen face. Adequate intake of water with fresh fruits and vegetables helps. This helps in detoxification process. Reducing or avoiding spicy foods and processed foods help. This is due to the excessive amount of salt content in fried and processed foods. Table salt is also better avoided. Tea helps in blood vessel constriction. Placement of moist tea bags over the face removes puffiness. Herbal tea bags, such as chamomile help in reducing swelling and redness, if any. Anti-inflammatory agents, present in potatoes help. Grate a washed and peeled potato and apply all over the face. Rinse face after 15 minutes. Whisking egg white and applying on face helps in removing puffiness. A wash with ice-cold water is the simplest and easily accessible remedy. Astringent properties of the cooling cucumbers help in constriction of blood vessels, thereby suppressing puffiness.

Try using hypoallergenic soaps. Placing the head in an elevated fashion reduces accumulation of fluids. Cosmetics, containing formaldehyde result in puffiness. Keep the house clean, devoid of pollen, mites, dust, dander of pets and so on, thereby reducing allergens.

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answered by Dr C

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