Can you put an ice pack on a childs face that is swollen from an allergic reation to a detergent or possibly poison ivy? It is red and swollen and is hot a little.

Ice packs are very useful for deep cuts, bruises and wounds. Swelling caused by an allergic reaction may not get any better by using ice packs though they may give him temporary relief. Applying calendula lotion on the rashes helps in reducing the itching and spread of rashes especially if it is poison ivy. If it is poison oak rash, there will be severe itching and eruption of red rashes in the form of streaks or patches.

Try rubbing cucumber on his face to reduce itchiness due to allergy. It is difficult for me to diagnose your child’s condition via internet. Try to recall what caused the skin reaction in your child. Is it indeed a skin allergy or some skin infection? If the redness and face swelling do not subside even after trying some of these home remedies, I would suggest you go to a dermatologist who will help you identify the cause and give the proper treatment for the same.

answered by P P

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