Cancer Herbal Remedies

by Sam Malone

The use of cancer herbal remedies or herbal therapies forms an integral part of alternative medical approaches to treating cancer. Most alternative cancer therapies have not been subjected to the same rigorous testing as conventional medical practices, for which reason their efficiency and effects are not very clear. This is quite unfortunate as most conventional approaches to treating cancer are not completely effective and have marked side effects. Cancer alternative medicine is becoming increasingly popular as an aide or substitute for conventional approaches, with many patients opting for alternative medicine and claiming remarkable improvement. While the exact effects and functioning of these approaches can not be fully understood without further research it is quite apparent that a number of these medications do have positive effects and will come to play a major role in the treatment of cancer.

Herbal remedies are the oldest form of treatment having been an integral part of traditional medicine across all cultures. Cancer herbal remedies involve the use of herbs to strengthen and enhance the body's natural ability to purge cancer cells. There are some therapies that use several herbal preparations in conjunction with dietary changes, vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as psychological counselling meant to help strengthen the body physically and emotionally to fight cancer. Essiac tea is one herbal therapy and is probably the most popular of all herbal remedies for cancer. China in fact recognizes essiac products as being an effective drug in treating cancer.

Mistletoe is another herb that is being closely studied and researched for its healing properties and a possible role in the fight against cancer. Mistletoe has a long history as a medicinal herb, having been used since ancient times in the treatment of various ailments. Mistletoe extract has been shown to boost the immune system, kill cancer cells and protect the DNA present in white blood cells. It has even been found to protect cells that are exposed to normally damaging chemotherapy drugs, making it excellent as a complimentary medication as well. Mistletoe extracts are generally administered by intramuscular injection (into the muscle), subcutaneous (beneath the skin) or intravenous (into a vein). The main problem with conventional treatment being the side effects and wide spread damage to cells, mistletoe can be extremely useful as it could decrease the side effects and support the immune system as it is believed to increase and enhance the numbers and activity of white blood cells. Sun's Soup is also being studied as cancer herbal remedy and is basically a mixture consisting of some vegetables and edible plants.

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