I feel like I have a slight stitch in my left side in the stomach area. What could be causing this and do I need to see a doctor. Kindly suggest some remedies.

Is there a specific reason why you have not eaten for two days or is it because of the pain? Please remember that there are multitudes of organs in the abdominal cavity and the pain can be because of any reason. Have you been experiencing these pains for many days and is it continuous? Did it occur previously and go away on its own?

Abdominal pains which are severe and unrelenting should be immediately referred to a doctor to rule out medical emergencies. Other than that you can check out these home remedies to control the pain but I would still first and foremost suggest you visit a doctor immediately.

  • Most side stitches can be caused by the gas, cramping or a cramp in the diaphragm. They can also be because of a hard work out and exercise. You can try slow breathing and stretching to work out the stitch.
  • Take your fist and push it under your ribcage to relieve a diaphragm cramp, use you one arm to apply pressure on the on the other arm you have pushed in. bend your torso over 90 degrees and wait for fifteen minutes. This may be enough to relieve the cramp.
  • If none of these remedies work please sit in one place and relax and wait for the stitch to subside and don’t exercise with a full stomach.

answered by A S

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