Lysol health advice

Irrespective of how good an antiseptic it is, Lysol has not been formulated to be used on human skin, SO PLEASE STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY.

Lysol is not a cosmetic and neither is it a safe compound. It has been specially formulated of cresolic phenols to kill surface bacteria. There is a very good chance that this chemical can enter into your blood stream and cause slow and insidious damage.

In fact one of the known causes of cancer is cresolic phenol compounds. There are special antibacterial soaps and hand washers formulated for use on skin, please opt for those. In fact diluted SAVLON or DETTOL is one of the best surface antiseptics commonly used in operating theaters for sterility. Constant use may cause blood poisoning and delayed effects which may be seen after a long period of time. Please stop this immediately and consult with a dermatologist for your skin problems.

answered by A S

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