Home remedies for dark bikini skin

Try the following remedies for your dark bikini skin -

  • Cut and peel a raw potato and rub it on your bikini skin before taking a bath. Leave it for 10 - 15 minutes and wash it with warm water. Raw potato will help to lighten your color and improve your skin tone.
  • Avoid using razors for your bikini skin, as the skin near our bikini line is very delicate and sensitive. Frequent use of razors can cause the skin to turn a little darker in shade. Also if certain hair removing creams are the cause for your dark bikini skin then avoid their use.
  • After bathing scrub the bikini skin properly and then apply a moisturizer over it. This will help to give a smooth texture to your skin.
  • Break open a vitamin E capsule in olive oil and use this oil to massage the bikini skin. This is also a good remedy to lighten your bikini skin.

answered by S P

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