Home Remedies For Running Nose and Sneezing Cures While Sleeping Or Lying Down

There could be a variety of explanations for your symptoms of running nose and sneezing. You could simply be reacting to the pollution in the air or be allergic to something in the atmosphere. Or else you could be suffering from hay fever. You could also be suffering from a cold. In any case it is always better to get your guess confirmed by a doctor.

Lemon juice, a rich source of Vitamin C, should be an important ingredient during the days when you suffer from a cold. Heat a glass of water. Dissolve one tablespoon of honey in this. Now squeeze half a fresh lemon into this. Mix well and drink. You can also chop a small piece of peeled ginger root into tiny pieces, and boil it in one cup of water. Strain the water into a cup, add one tablespoon of honey, and mix well. You can drink this ‘tea' twice or thrice a day. When you have a really bad cold, it is better to eat light food. Avoid eating meat, fish or eggs. You can drink plenty of soups. Avoid eating ice creams or drinking cold water or milk.

Using a hot water bottle will give you some relief. Don't lie down completely flat in bed. Use a pillow to elevate your head so that you don't sneeze.

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