Herbs to strengthen body during pregnancy

Miscarriages can be heartbreaking but there are several reasons why they occur: genetic factors, malnutrition, environmental hazards, hormonal factors and the list goes on. The first three months are when most miscarriages occur, so some precautions observed during those months could help you to carry a baby to term.Make sure you eat a diet which is rich in variety: lots of fruits and vegetables, especially as also protein. You will, of course be given iron, calcium and folic acid supplements but you could increase your intake of these naturally by taking more green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and milk products.

Also step up your intake of nuts and beans and whole grains, and drink plenty of fruit juices too. Avoid canned and tinned foods as far as possible and eat fresh and organic produce in larger proportions. Make sure you do not indulge in strenuous activities, do get plenty of rest and try to avoid getting stressed out. In addition to a good night's rest lie down for at least an hour during the daytime as well. Also avoid picking up heavy weights. Herbs which can be used in pregnancy include ginger root and peppermint leaf, to relieve nausea, but it would be a wise precaution to consult a trained herbalist before using any herbs.

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