Foods That Heal And Strengthen Lungs.

Respiration is the term used for the exchange of gases between the cells and the lungs. Oxygen is allowed by the lungs. Breathing in fresh air helps a great deal, as it is the fuel for the lungs. Dirty or polluted air is purified by the cilia in the respiratory system. Intake of acidic foods results in more production of carbon dioxide in the lungs. Plant foods are beneficial, as they comprise of antioxidants, which in turn prevent oxidative damage. Adequate intake of water, vegetables and fresh fruits are preferred. Supplements of vitamin C and E are recommended. Smoking affects the lungs, resulting in cancer. Avoid smoking, as it also decreases the available ascorbic acid, which in turn is required for regulating oxidative stress. Artificial flavors are not recommended, as it results in inflammation of the respiratory passages, thereby obstructing the air passages. Diacetyl is a flavor added to chips and popcorns, which is not recommended for healthy lungs. Pineapple is an effective cleanser of the lungs. It also helps in maintaining the elasticity of the lungs, which is lost due to accumulation of substances in the lung pores.

answered by Dr C

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