I have a rash and I believe it's from my Maxi pad what can I do to get rid of this rash? I am sure that's what it's from because I was bleeding for quite some time.

Various invaders in the skin result in skin infection. Viruses, fungi, heat, bacteria, allergy and medications result in skin rashes. Rashes are bothersome and irritating. They are not life threatening. Itchy and inflamed skin is a result of allergy. This is commonly referred to as eczema or atopic dermatitis. Poor immune levels are the primary cause. Avoid creams and other harsh chemicals that have a debilitating effect on the skin. Rashes are characterised by change in texture and color. Latex and rubber products are abstained from. Oily skin, extremes in weather and alcohol based creams are the other causes of contact dermatitis. Skin rashes are the initial symptoms of skin diseases, such as rheumatic fever, lyme disease or lupus. Clean the affected area with cold water. Avoid hot water, as it results in drying of skin. Well moisturized skin is easy to manage. Dry your skin, devoid of rubbing. Cool compresses prove beneficial. Avoid scrubbing the skin. A humidifier is helpful for a dry skin. Wear cotton clothes. Harsh cleaning products are not recommended. Soaking the area with plain water keeps the region hydrated.

answered by Dr C

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