My husband has been dizzy and nauseous for two days - should he seek medical attention - any home remedies?

If your husband feels dizziness, it actually means that he loses part of his sense of consciousness and becomes lightheaded for just a little while. He might also have a sensation that he's going to fall down. Dizziness is usually caused when blood is not able to circulate properly through the body. An ear infection could also cause dizziness and loss of balance in the body. Dizziness, almost always, is accompanied by nausea and a sickening sensation.

However, the causes of dizziness could be graver too. low blood pressure and cardiac problems often cause dizziness. Anemia or severe migraine could also be the reasons. low blood sugar is another contributing factor.

Usually when people feel dizzy, they immediately consume syrups that are non -carbonated. This syrup helps to cool down the stomach and bring instant relief. Gingerroot capsules have also proven to be effective in giving quick relief.

Black tea, brewed with crushed ginger helps in relieving the nausea. However if you do not like the taste of that, you can go in for a mild tea with ginger ale, chamomile or peppermint. Herbal candies like red raspberry or even slippery elm can also soothe your stomach.

If none of this works, you could mix two teaspoons of wheat germ into lukewarm milk and serve it to your husband. This remedy that works best for pregnant women with morning sickness can also help your husband.

Indian gooseberry, a fruit rich in vitamin A and C is a great remedy for troubled stomach. Soak about five grams of the fruit overnight with coriander seeds. Strain the water and drink it. If you don't like the taste, add some sugar in it. This will not only take care of your nausea, but also help in bringing down the dizziness.

If your husband's dizziness is because he is anemic, he will have to pay special attention to his diet. Iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 are important nutrients for him and should be taken in good quantities. Try to add fish, poultry and lean meats to his diet to replenish the depleted iron. Dairy products and green leafy vegetables are also rich in folic acid so make sure that he consumes those.

A low blood sugar level demands an increase in the blood glucose level. So if your husband has dizziness because of low blood pressure, give him plenty of fluids and glucose. Coconut water, fresh lime water with sugar and fruit juices are also recommended to raise the blood sugar levels.

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You will have to identify the cause for your husband’s dizziness. Visit this site to my answer to a similar question. You can read about what may be some causes for dizziness and some natural cures for the same.

This is my favorite home remedy for nausea –
Use 1 tablespoon of some fresh ginger juice ground in the mixer.

Squeeze in a few drops of lemon. Mix and gulp it down. You will feel better instantly.

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