How do you get rid of having plugged ears

Natural Treatment for Blocked Ear

In almost all people the main reason for the feeling of blocked ears is the gradual build up of ear wax, also known as cerumen, accumulated in the ear canal. Ear wax is one of the largest complaints made my people experiencing the condition of blocked ears and this is usually resolved with the help of ear drops meant for the purpose of dissolving the ear wax. Earaches can also happen due to a fluid accumulation which could be because of an infection or the rising pressure from the middle ear which affects the inner Eustachian tubes.

Try sleeping with your head supported by placing up two pillows instead of the normal one you would use. That will cause the fluid buildup, if any, to slowly drain off from the ear and open up the blocked passages. If you are experiencing this condition when traveling at high altitudes it would be best you chew gum throughout the journey. Chewing gum causes the mouth muscles to contract and expand thus affecting the ear canal to release pressure and prevent the blocked feeling. Do not sleep during takeoff or landing as those are crucial times when your ears are likely to get blocked once again and also cause discomfort. Keep yawning to constrict the muscles and that could help in opening the Eustachian passages.

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