Remedies for Swollen and Painful Fingernails

The first thing to do is to cut the nail straight across as close as possible without hurting yourself. If after this you are able to see the needle, try pulling it out with a sterilized tweezers. Don't attempt to do this with the fingernails of your other hand, because you risk infecting an already inflamed area. Besides that you may end up breaking the tip of the needle if it is still visible, making it harder to access.

Soaking and icing may not help much until you are able to get the needle out. Try these remedies to see if you can get the needle out.

  • If the tip of the needle is not visible, but you are able to see its outline, try using a sterilized needle to very gently remove the skin surrounding the area until some part of the needle appears above the skin's surface. Now try pulling it out with a sterilized tweezers. Don't attempt this unless you are able to hold your hand steady. And do it under a strong light or outside where you can see very clearly.
  • Soak your fingers in hot water to which some salt has been added, for ten to 15 minutes. Attempt pulling out the needle with a sterilized tweezers after this.
  • Taking a homeopathic remedy called silicea 6 pills 2 times a day for three days may help the needle come out by itself.

If the needle does not surface with any of these methods and the pain is very bad, please talk to your primary health care giver. Since the area is already inflamed and hurting very badly, you should probably just go to a doctor right away, so the needle can be taken out in completely sterile conditions.

answered by S E

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