When I brush my hair it seems like I lose a lot of it, what can I do?

Battling hair loss can be an expensive affair and a long drawn one. There are numerous reasons for hair loss and it is always important to check other symptoms apart from hair loss that may be an indication of an underlying medical disorder. In some cases hair loss is a genetic condition and not much can be done about it, unless one wishes to go in for professional help. On the other hand, if you have recently embarked upon a particular diet or there has been a drastic change in your daily meals it is possible that insufficient vitamins and minerals may be the cause of hair loss. Switching to a healthier lifestyle and consuming a substantial amount of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis can help in dealing with the condition. Some people also experience hair loss when they are on a particular medication for a period of time.

Hair loss could also be stress induced and it is largely dependent on the individual how he or she manages stress on a daily basis through the use of meditative techniques and yoga. Healthy lifestyle changes can ensure that your crowning glory stays fit and healthy. One of the best known home remedies for hair loss, provided that you have not been diagnosed with any pre-existing medical condition, is aloe vera gel. The freshly squeezed gel from young tender aloe vera leaves is believed to be an excellent remedy for skin and hair. A daily application of this gel helps in cleansing your hair and encouraging healthy hair growth. It is believed that massaging the fresh gel of aloe vera on the scalp and the hair every night can help in healing the scalp, arresting excessive hair loss and balancing its pH level.

One can also try blending aloe vera gel with sweet almond oil or coconut milk or wheat germ oil as scalp massage oil. It would help if you grow the aloe vera plant within your own backyard and use it for your personal needs, instead of resorting to expensive aloe vera products commercially available in the market.

Medical studies also reveal that aloe vera is actively involved in enhancing the cellular rejuvenation of the scalp and in providing the building blocks for hair protein. More importantly, aloe leader has a soothing and cooling effect on the scalp that is indicative of its anti inflammatory properties in protecting against damage to the scalp and the hair from external factors.

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Hair loss may be on account of several reasons. Your hair may be lacking in tensile strength and may be snapping off due to over-brushing. The old adage that 100 brush strokes every day will make your hair shiny and healthy is probably not very accurate. You could try switching to a wide toothed comb. You could also try using a conditioner or detangling lotion to prevent hair breaking off.

If the hair loss is at the root, then the problem could be nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance or just plain old stress. Genetics also have a major part to play in hair thinning and hair loss. Some people naturally lose hair as they grow older.

Abnormal loss of hair is called alopecia areata and some natural remedies are said to help with the problem. I am listing certain remedies with known benefits for hair loss:

  • Garlic oil may be applied in the following fashion to help with bald patches or areas in which hair is thinning out. Do this in the night so you can wash your hair in the morning
  • Warm the area with a hot towel
  • Apply garlic oil to the bald patches or thinning areas
  • Massage the garlic oil into the scalp gently. You can blot out excess oil, but be sure to leave a thin coating.
  • Cover your pillow with a towel before you rest your head on it.
  • Shampoo in the morning.
  • You can also take garlic oil internally in capsule form.
  • A mixture of the essential oils of lavender, thyme, rosemary and cedar wood applied on balding patches may help.
  • Onion juice also is said to be on benefit and may be applied directly to bald patches or parts of the scalp where hair is thinning.
  • If the problem is hormonal, you will also see other gynaecological symptoms. If you have excessive facial hair and have recently experienced some weight gain and often see fluctuations in your periods, you should speak to a gynecologist.

Including fruits and vegetables of various colors and getting 5-9 servings of them every day will help correct nutritional deficiencies. Also try and get plenty of sleep and set aside 10-15 minutes every day just to help yourself relax. In this period you can meditate or do breathing exercises or simply walk around in the outdoors breathing in clean air.

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