Oils burns on eyes natural remedies

I accidentally splattered oil in my eye while deep frying breaded cheese sticks. My eye is burning and I'm not able to close it what can I do?

You should take good care of your eyes since they are delicate. Your eye is probably hurt and that is why you are unable to close it. You should first check to see if you are suffering from any other effects of the accident. Are your eyes swollen? Are they bleeding? Are you having double vision?

You should use an ice pack on the affected eye. This will help since your eye was spattered by hot oil. Hold the ice pack for as long as you can. You can also splash cold water on the affected eye. Do this at regular intervals. Another remedy that you can try is using cold compress on your eye. Dip a soft handkerchief in a bowl of cold water and apply this on your eye. You should leave the handkerchief on the affected eye for as long as you can bear it. You should visit the doctor who will be able to give you some soothing eye drops which will help your eye heal faster. A visit to the doctor is essential since he will be able to test your eyes and ensure that they have been unaffected by the accident.

You can also dip a cotton swab in a mixture of rose water and a little water and place this on the affected eye. A peeled cucumber should be chopped and the slices placed on your eyes. This will help cool down the eye.

answered by G R

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