How can i get rid of age spots

Age spots are also sometimes known as sun spots or liver spots. For most part, they are harmless except for the fact that they will reveal your age. It is important for you to know that when they first occur - and they may occur as early as age 40 - you must get them medically checked out to determine that they are not cancerous. To begin with, for removal of age spots, as a preventive tactic, always wear sunscreen while going out of the house.

One of the most effective remedies for removing age spots is rubbing aloe vera gel on them at least twice a day and more if you can manage it. You can also drink aloe juice and it will have a similar effect. Lime juice is also effective, as the natural bleach in it will cause any kind of surface discoloration to be removed. Castor oil rubbed on to age spots will help fade them over time. However, they may not get rid of the spots completely. You can also try to apply apple cider vinegar mixed with onion juice to help get rid of age spots. Make sure the onion juice is freshly removed from a crushed onion. Apply this on spots about thrice a day and you will notice that the spots begin to fade.

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