Causes of abscess in genital and thigh area

An abscess is an inflammation in the skin, a condition where the skin becomes pocket-like, filled with pus and other infected materials. Abscesses in the genital areas are usually due to infections caused by bacteria known as staphylococci, or genital herpes, in which cold sores appear on the genital areas.

If you do not have abscesses or boils anywhere else on the body except for your inner thighs and genital areas, it is perhaps due to a bacterial infection. Sometimes, if a foreign object enters the body, it could cause such an abscess too. However, usually you will have only a single abscess if a foreign material like a splinter has entered your skin.

To make sure what the abscess really is, examine it closely. An abscess caused by a bacterial infection is usually typical in its appearance. The raised skin forms a boil which is filled with pus. The pus may leak out occasionally, causing the blister to become crusty. The flesh surrounding the abscess is inflamed and is deep red in color. Apart from the boils, staph infections may also cause other symptoms like a low grade fever. For treating staph infections, antibiotic medications are necessary. Talk to your doctor to find out the best methods that are available for treating staph infections.

To prevent future boils, try to boost your immunity. Staph infections usually only happen only when a person’s immunity is low. Therefore when treating staff infections it is necessary that enough care is taken to boost our immunity system.

You would also have to pay careful attention to the changes that are taking place in your body when treating staph infections. Inspect your boil closely to check if you can see a foreign material stuck in the skin. To make sure, simply soak a soft cloth in warm water and apply some heat on the sides of the abscess. It is likely that the application of heat may allow the abscess to open up, allowing the pus to flow out. Be careful in wiping the pus, trying to not allow it to touch the surrounding skin. Using a towel, carefully wipe the infectious pus and clean the cavity. You will be able to feel it, if some foreign material is embedded into the skin.

If you can see the foreign material, use a pair of sterilized tweezers to pull out the object from the skin. If you are unable to do so, see a doctor as soon as possible. Genital pus also would also need to be stopped; therefore, visiting your doctor would be a good idea. The doctor will clean the affected area completely and give you antibiotics to stop the infection from spreading.

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Abscess query

An abscess is nothing but a pocket filled with pus. This is caused when a bacterial infection causes a cavity. In some cases the cavity is caused by the introduction of some foreign material in the flesh. This foreign material could be a splinter or a bullet or even a needle. You will notice that your body develops an abscess when you have suffered an infection. The abscess contains pus and usually is surrounded by swollen flesh, which is an angry red in color.

If you have an abscess on your thigh or in the genital area, this is due to some infection. Avoid touching the abscess. Don't scratch, pinch or squeeze the abscess since this will only cause it to break and could result in the spread of the infection. Instead, you can dip a towel in some hot water and hold this to the abscess. Do this as often as you can, keeping the temperature of the water as high as you can manage. This will help the abscess heal. Keep the area around the abscess clean and dry. Wash it with warm water and then pat it dry. You should ensure that you wear loose underclothes. Avoid wearing clothes that cling to you, since this will only chafe against the abscess. You should consult a doctor at the earliest.

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