Natural remedies for gum abscess

A gum abscess is formed when there is a formation of pus in the gums due to an infection. An abscess causes an inflammation of the surrounding areas and will destroy the foundational support of the teeth, causing vacant spaces in which food remains and begins to rot. The food left behind in these spaces begins to form tartar and plaque, creating a natural habitat for bacteria and other harmful micro organisms. After having attacked the supporting structure of one tooth, the infection from the abscess will begin eating into the bone and structure of the other teeth, causing complete structural destruction.

An abscess, being different from a toothache, causes no pain. With the formation of pus, however, there is an immense sensation of burning and throbbing along with swelling of the affected section. The swelling and inflammation of the gums, caused by the abscess will lead to discomfort and restricts the opening of the mouth. A gum abscess can do a lot of damage and needs to be given urgent attention. In case there is a delay in the treatment of a gum abscess, there is the danger of other sections of the gum being damaged.

Home remedies have proven useful in treating gum abscess to a certain extent. Salt water and clove oil are well known remedies that help in controlling an abscess in the gums. You can also hold in a clove in place over the affected area. A hot salt water mouth wash will cause the abscess to burst and drain out, giving you some relief. Tea tree oil mixed in warm water and used to rinse the mouth will also help. A cotton ball, soaked in hydrogen peroxide can be of great help when placed on the abscess. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and garlic powder controls the spread of the infection. A mixture of salt and baking soda, when placed around the affected spot will draw out the pus from the abscess. Placing a dry black tea bag in the mouth before going to bed, and repeating the procedure every few hours will help to draw out the pus and drain the abscess. Papaya has a natural tendency to work against inflammation. Placing a piece of papaya around the abscess is an age old method of controlling the inflammation of the gums. Green tea is also a well know anti inflammation agent. The drawing out and draining of pus from an abscess is a method of first aid and a dentist must be consulted for further advice.

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A dental abscess requires prompt attention, as it can spread though the infected tooth to the supporting bone and other surrounding tissues. Dental abscesses are quite common and are basically infections in the centre of the tooth. An abscess may develop from either an infection of the gums or from a tooth decay complication. Pus which forms in the abscess has an escape route only through the tooth's root. This creates pressure beneath the tooth, making it painful if touched.

Antibiotics are generally not needed if there is timely intervention and for this reason it is extremely important that you visit a dentist at the earliest. A dentist will generally drain the pus from the abscess, giving tremendous relief from the symptoms. An antibiotic is only prescribed for a few days after if the infection is not contained, which is generally not the case if the problem has been addressed quickly.

There are times when the abscess may burst, allowing drainage of the pus and easing the pain. This process can be encouraged with the use of a hot salt water mouthwash. This however does no eliminate the need to visit a dentist as you would still need his assessment.

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