How do I relieve the swelling of an abscess until I can see my dentist?

Cures for abscess

An abscess is basically a painful pocket that is filled with pus. This can be caused by a variety of reasons like a leaking tooth, some kind of damage to your tooth and a reaction to badly done capping or other dentistry. It can lead to an infection and for that reason you should see your dentist as soon as you can.

In the meanwhile you can use some warm water to clean out the abscessed tooth. If you find that this only makes the pain worse then use cold relief. You can either a soft cloth to dip into the cold water and then use on the painful tooth, or else you can pack a bag with ice cubes and hold this against the area that hurts.    Another easy remedy involves using a tea bag. You can either pour some boiling water over a tea bag or else simply sprinkle some water on the tea bag. Place the wet tea bag on the abscessed tooth and leave it there.  Clove oil is an accepted remedy for teeth trouble. Simply pour some clove oil on a swab of cotton and then leave this on the painful tooth.  You can also heat some water, add a table spoon of salt in this and use this to gargle. This will help reduce the pain.

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