Home remedies for tooth abscess infection

A tooth abscess is, essentially, the infection of either the tooth or the root of the tooth. If the root is killed by the infection, it results in the death of the tooth as well, causing dental work to include the filling of the tooth and root canals after drilling and cleaning the root canal and the tooth. In these situations, the abscesses are formed at the bottom part of the tooth with the infection generating a considerable amount of puss. If the root is still alive, the infection in the abscess of the tooth upsets the nerve of the tooth - thereby generating a significant amount of pain. Most often, tooth abscesses are caused by having dental work like a crown or a filling performed on a tooth when an infection was present in the mouth. The microbes will go on to compromise the tooth through the presence of a cavity in the tooth if they were not completely destroyed during the dental procedure. Tooth abscesses are often age related as well. Very often, a person's advancing years will also cause a weakness to develop in the tooth. The infection is allowed to enter the tooth through either the presence of a microscopic crack in the tooth or even a withdrawal of the gums from the teeth. One of the most effective ways to prevent a tooth abscess is to follow good oral hygiene. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of your teeth being compromised as well as making sure that, if one tooth is affected, the condition does not spread to any of the other teeth. One should also make it a point to avoid any sugary substances as well as tea and coffee after dinner. It is also very important to brush your teeth before you go to bed or else bacteria and other microbes present in your mouth will multiply significantly during the night.

Given the fact that tooth abscesses are a relatively common problem all over the world, there are a number of readily available home remedies that will help to effectively treat the condition. One of the most popular remedies is to sip a little salt water and swish it around your moth for about 10 minutes at regular intervals. Another trusted home remedy is to gently dab the affected tooth with some clove oil or place a piece of clove between the affected tooth and the one just in front of it to help reduce the pain. Studies have shown that cloves are extremely effective when it comes to treating the teeth or the gums.

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The basic definition of an abscess is a tender mass of flesh surrounded by a colored area of skin whose color can vary from pink to deep red. The middle generally contains pus and debris of the wound. The abscess is sometimes painful to touch and can occur on any part of your body. A tooth abscess is caused when there is a development of pus in and around the root of a tooth. The abscess is very painful and even causes the loosening of the affected tooth. The first thing you can try to relive this pain is to try and drain the abscess, but this is only a first step and you will necessarily have to see a dentist to treat it as a severe infection can lead to further complications. The general symptoms of a tooth abscess include severe pain in the areas surrounding the affected tooth and the tooth itself, difficulty in biting or chewing and the release of foul tasting pus into the mouth. A severe infection can cause your face to swell and the possibility of a fever.

The first thing you can do to treat a tooth abscess is to start maintaining good oral hygiene. But be careful not to damage the abscess when brushing or flossing. There are a number of remedies that you can try to help relive the symptoms and maybe effectively treat the abscess, but visiting a dentist is still strongly recommended. The first remedy that you can use is tea bag. Wet the tea bag and place it on the outer side of the affected tooth and gum (between cheek and tooth) for duration of about 40 - 55 minutes. For better effect lie down on the side that is not swollen so that the tea soaks over the gum and tooth well.

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