Home Remedies For Preventing Upset Stomach After Eating Too Much & Cheese Consumption

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The first thing that anyone would recommend would be not to eat to the point where you feel uncomfortable. This is bad for so many obvious reasons. It will cause indigestion, acidity and in the long run, weight gain. Of course at certain times, it is just hard to avoid eating too much. At festivals or during a visit to the in-laws how does one say no without giving offence and sometimes the food is just too tempting, so I do understand your problem.

Here are some quick tips to follow to avoid discomfort after overeating:

  1. Take a capsule containing peppermint oil. This aids in digestion
  2. Milk of magnesia is a natural antacid and will help soothe your stomach
  3. Mix equal parts of baking soda and water in a glass and drink it as soon as you feel uncomfortable. This is an effective remedy for indigestion
  4. Eat half a teaspoon of aniseed
  5. Cloves regulate enzyme flow and aid in digestion, so chewing on a few cloves may help

Also don't lie down for at least an hour after a heavy meal. This will cause acid reflux. An hour after you have eaten try and get about half an hours walk. All of these measures will aid in the digestion and absorption of your food. And of course, next time resist temptation and spare your digestive system.

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