Home Remedies For Plugged Ear Due To Cold

Symptoms and Treatment for Blocked Ear due to Cold

It seems that your cold has progressed to become an ear infection. An infection in the middle ear often gives a blocked sensation in the ears, accompanied sometimes by popping, and often by pain as well. From your question, it seems that you are used to your ears popping when you have a cold, and the odd thing this time is only that your ears aren't popping. This would probably mean that you often suffer from ear infections or your colds often lead to ear infections. This may be because you're doing something wrong when you have a cold — perhaps the way you blow your nose forces the infection further in, to the Eustachian tubes — or that you are just naturally prone to ear infections. In any case, you should probably discuss this with your family doctor.

Apart from this, it is not really necessary to do anything to treat the infection. Ear infections usually disappear on their own, especially if they are related to a cold. You can probably get some relief by using a saline spray to clear your nose. Simply mix a little salt in a cup of water, and spray this solution into your nose or put a few drops in.

answered by G M

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