How to stop throwing up (stop vomiting)

You have not mentioned if you vomit every single day. If you do, then you should consult the doctor immediately. Nausea is the usual reason for vomiting. If you have a stomach upset then this could be the reason behind your vomiting. However, if you have been vomiting regularly over a period of time, then you should consult your doctor since this could be symptom of some other illness.

The first thing to do after you have vomited is to splash cold water over your face. Your next step should be to drink enough fluids to replace the water that you have lost. Remember to sip the water rather than gulp it down. The easiest way to prevent throwing up is to find the cause for your nausea and avoid that. A glass of chilled lemon juice will usually help prevent vomiting. Add the juice of half a lime to a glass of water, mix in two tablespoons of sugar and drink this. You can also sip a glass of water to which a tablespoon of honey has been added. Onion juice is also effective in preventing vomiting and can be drunk a tablespoon at a time. A tea made with fresh ginger boiled in a cup of water, strained and drink with some honey in it will help prevent vomiting.

answered by G M

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