Advice on fever, vomiting and tiredness

Vomiting, fever and tiredness are three different symptoms for many conditions. What is the main condition due to which you are experiencing these symptoms? It is important to treat the cause of the symptoms to treat the symptom completely. Try the following home remedies for fever, vomiting and tiredness:

  • Prepare an herbal tea by boiling chamomile flowers, thyme and linden flowers all in equal proportions in a cup of water. Strain and drink this twice daily, this is a very effective remedy for fever.
  • If the fever rises above 102 or 103 degrees then use cold wet compresses on the forehead to remove the extra heat from the body (don't use ice water, use simple cold tap water).
  • With each degree rise in temperature the body energy meter rises. Have small frequent palatable meals this will also prevent vomiting. To boost the immune system and fight infections eat soft palatable food, chicken broths or different vegetable soups.
  • If there is severe vomiting then it would lead to water loss to compensate that loss drink extra fluids
  • To prevent tiredness stay physically active, list down the things which make you feel tired and work on them accordingly. When you start feeling better do 15 minutes warm up and stretching exercises in the morning before you start your daily routine.
  • Never skip meals, especially your morning breakfast. It is a proven fact that a person who skips their morning breakfast tends to feel clumsy and tired whole day.
  • Avoid smoking and take a warm shower at night before going to bed for a fresh feeling.
  • Sleep well for at least 8 hours continuously daily.

answered by Dr S

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