From this september I have itching sensation just below my right nipple. This has thickened a portion of my skin there and it has turned dark.

Home Cures for Itching

Itching is mainly caused by impure blood. Read on for some of the most effective home cures for skin itching:

  1. When you go for a bath, pour peppermint or yellow dock in the water and bath with it.
  2. You can try putting some cornstarch in your bath water.
  3. Mix cod liver oil, lemon juice, vitamin E oil, and wheat germ oil. Blend it to a paste and apply on the itchy area of the skin.
  4. Applying Vicks on the itchy area is also beneficial.
  5. Take Luke warm water for bathing and pour two cups of oatmeal in it. You can also add a small spoon of baking soda to make the treatment more effective.
  6. Add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in your bath water.
  7. You can also try applying cod liver oil to the affected area of the skin.
  8. Apply Aloe Vera blend on the itchy area of the skin.
  9. Prepare a paste with coconut oil and lime juice. Apply this light paste on the itchy skin.
  10. Avoid using too much salt when suffering with this kind of skin allergy.
  11. Application of Margosa is another good treatment for skin itching.

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