Benefits of Quitting Smoking

by Sam Malone

Quitting smoking is one of those healthy decisions that you can never be too late to make. No matter how long a person has been ingesting tobacco by smoking, thanks to our resilient body, the healing process begins as quickly as within 20 minutes of giving up smoking. In the first 20 minutes of quitting, your body will show positive changes like a drop in the blood pressure and pulse rate, and your hands and feet will become warmer because of improved blood circulation in the body. Within a few hours of quitting, carbon monoxide levels in the blood also drop and oxygen levels increase. It takes just about forty eight hours of not smoking for all the nicotine by products to leave the body. Your sense of taste and smell will also improve in 48 hours of quitting. It's an established fact that smoking causes high blood pressure, strokes, and heart diseases. So, quitting this harmful habit will reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack in about two days. It also takes just about two days to increase your energy levels.

Other than the heart, the lungs are the most affected body organs of a smoker. Smokers are at a great risk of contracting lung cancer. And, within three months of someone stubbing out the cigarette for good, the functions of the lungs get back to normal and the lungs are able to cleanse themselves properly. This also ensures a proper flow of blood to the other limbs of the body. A smoker, who manages to kick the habit for at least ten years, decreases the risk of suffering from lung cancer as much as by 30 to 50 percent. The longer one abstains from smoking, the farther away he is from lung cancer. Quitting smoking also significantly reduces the risk of developing various other forms of cancer. Quitting reduces cellular damages to the lining in the larynx just like as it does in the lungs, thereby lowering the risk of laryngeal cancer. Mouth, esophageal, pancreatic, cervical, and bladder cancers are some of the risks that are reduced to a great extent after abstaining from smoking for a few years.

Other than these serious ailments, abstinence from smoking also proves beneficial in preventing respiratory problems like cough and wheezing, pneumonia and bronchitis. Quitting also helps in the reproduction of a woman. A woman who quits smoking ensures a healthy pregnancy outcome and prevents infertility.

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