I am a smoker for the past 20 years. Sometimes I develop cough which affects my voice clarity. I am unable to quit. So suggest me a home remedy besides quitting.

There is no remedy besides quitting - tobacco smoking is harmful for your health, and if such a magical substitute for quitting existed, people would not suffer any ill effects of smoking and the question of quitting would never arise. Smoking affects almost every single aspect of your health - your respiratory system and your voice are of course affected as you already know, and in addition, smoking causes or contributes to several types of cancer, impotence, cataracts, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, gum disease, miscarriages, and birth defects. There is no home remedy or medicine that will erase all this damage. If you are really concerned about your health and your voice, you should make a determined effort to quit.

It is extremely unlikely that your first attempt to quit will be successful. This is entirely normal, and is no reason to give up trying. Most people who successfully quit smoking have made up to fifteen unsuccessful attempts before. Therefore, if you actually manage to quit within two or three attempts, you should not only be surprised, you should be proud of yourself.

It is usually advisable that you get some kind of help in quitting smoking. The support of your family and close friends is of course important, but we are referring more to outside help, such as a counselor who is trained in helping people quit, or else a support group of other smokers who are trying to stay off tobacco. The first step is of course wanting to quit and being determined to quit, but having the information, resources, and support to do so is equally important.

In some cases, medical treatment may necessary in order to help a person quit. This is usually to control the withdrawal symptoms that are experienced when a smoker quits, such as irritability, depression, and so on, which make a relapse more likely. Such medication should always be used under medical supervision, or else it will end up causing problems of its own.

If you prefer, you can also get help online. There are thousands of resources on the Internet that will help you to quit. Quitting is not as simple as just not smoking - it requires a change in your attitudes and lifestyle. For example, one of the most difficult things for some ex smokers is having a conversation or a drink without a cigarette in their hands. It will be of great help to you to have information that will help you overcome such hurdles.

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