Causes and cure for spot under eye

Such veins are referred to as spider veins and are commonly seen on the arms, legs, face and thighs. A small spot, red in color, accompanied by red veins in a radiating fashion is a common condition. Spider veins are also referred to as spider angioma. B complex vitamins are recommended for strengthening the blood vessels. Skin integrity is maintained by vitamin A supplementation. Aloe vera gel or paste is of great use, in case of itching. Also called as spider telangiectasia, spider veins are an outcome of drug abuse, alcohol consumption or increased estrogen levels. The latter is seen to occur during pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy or during petrochemical exposure.

Sclerotherapy is a technique to terminate these veins. Cryotherapy, laser surgery and cauterization are other techniques of spider vein elimination. Supplementation of witch hazel, horse chestnut and horsetail are effective remedies. Exposure to sun has to be reduced. Application of a high SPF sunscreen is helpful, while going in the sun. Wash your face with tepid water. Avoid using hot water. Placing the affected area in an elevated level proves beneficial. A healthy lifestyle clubbed with proper diet helps in preventing further progression of the veins.

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