What should be done to lose weight 1n 3 months for women using home remedies?

Perfect weight is the key to an ideal figure and every woman longs for it. Moreover, obesity poses several threats to health like cardiovascular diseases and tends to reduce the life expectancy. If you are overweight and wish to get back in shape, here are a few weight loss tips for women.

  • One of the diets for quick weight loss for women is the negative calorie diet. It is low on calories and consumes a lot of calories to digest and assimilate, burning the already existing calories. Some such negative calorie foods are cucumber, onion, tomato, garlic, apple, orange, guava, cabbage, carrot, radish, beet root, coriander, chilies, among others. You could continue to eat these foods without the fear of gaining excessive weight.
  • You should consume a lot of salads as part of the negative calorie diet, but avoid the heavy salad dressings.
  • One of the other natural remedies for weight loss is to consume honey and lemon juice in warm water, every morning. This helps cleanse the digestive tract and also enhances the rate of metabolism, promoting better and faster digestion.
  • You must avoid foods which are deep fried. Apart from these remedies, you must refrain from the intake of certain foods like aerated drinks, high-calorie foods like processed cheese and red meat, processed foods which contain preservatives. You must also avoid the intake of alcohol. 
  • A regular work-out regime is a must to lose weight faster and for long-term. You may either go to the gym to burn calories or simply do some stretching exercises at home to serve the purpose. Moreover, a regular walking regime is also instrumental in burning the accumulated body fat, thereby helping you reduce weight.
  • Another remedy to lose weight is to practice yoga, the ancient Indian technique to stretch your body along with controlled breathing.

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