Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

How do I get fit body by using home materials?

A fit body is not very difficult to attain. All it takes is 3 D’s – Diet, Daily Exercise and Discipline. All of which can be worked on within the comfort of your home. A fit or healthy body can only be attained by eating a well balanced and healthy diet, exercising daily and by maintaining discipline when it comes to controlling ones lifestyle. Here is a holistic plan that will ensure that you have a fit and healthy body; however, you will need to follow it diligently in order to see effective results.

Some people feel that indulging in crash diets is the best way of getting a healthy and fit body. Unfortunately, this is far from being true. A crash diet robs the body of essential nutrients and makes the body weak. The body loses weight, but at the cost of being malnourished. Therefore, it is best to stay away from crash diets that could lower your body’s disease fighting capacity. The most effective way of dieting is by actually eating healthy food, rather than by abstaining from food. Eating vegetables and fruits will provide your body with the vital vitamins and minerals it requires in order to function efficiently. Avoiding foods rich in saturated fats like, fried and oily foodstuff, junk food and red meats will also help in lowering the cholesterol levels of your body. You can replace your regular cooking oil with olive oil. Olive oil contains monosaturated fats that help fight cholesterol and also provides the body with healthy fats required for supplying the body with energy. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs and carbonated drinks as they will ensure that your body remains healthy and fit, as these products have the potency to disturb the body’s functioning.

Daily Exercise:
Exercising daily is very important in maintaining bone density, flexibility of the body and muscle strength. Daily exercise makes sure that all the major parts of the body remain active and alert. It also helps in burning fat and producing energy. People often complain that exercise makes them feel tired, or that they have a certain injury which restricts their exercising capacity. The good news for these kinds of people is that even the simplest exercises like walking, is effective in helping the body stay fit. If you find walking difficult, you can take up swimming or yoga as these activities are extremely effective as well. You could take up some active sport like tennis, squash or soccer. Adventure sports like rock climbing and whitewater rafting are also beneficial in helping the body stay fit. However, make sure you have a professional around while indulging in adventure sports, as they are quite dangerous if undertaken without sufficient knowledge and experience.  

Discipline is very important when it comes to keeping your body fit. This is because it is not enough to eat a healthy diet and exercise for just one week, and then forget about it. In order for the body to remain healthy, a proper well balanced diet coupled with exercise needs to be followed everyday, and discipline helps achieve this task. Rising early in the morning and going to bed on time, eating and exercising at fixed times helps to regulate metabolic functions, thus leading to a healthy and fit body. 

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