I am 31 years old. After my delivery thru C-Section, I was supposed to do exercises for my tummy reduction which I did not do immediately. Now if I do the exercise for the tummy reduction, will it help?

It is never late to lose weight. Slow weight loss accompanied by exercise is a safe technique. Diet in addition to exercise is an effective remedy. Expecting yourself to return to your pre-marital physique might be difficult, as ageing also affects this phenomenon. Instant melting of fat or tummy reduction is impossible. Perseverance, in addition to diet and exercise is fruitful. Abdomen crunches are the best form of tummy reduction. Curl ups is one more effective exercise, wherein, the individual lies flat on the floor and the knees touch the chest, by raising the head. Leg rising is another method, similar to curl-ups, wherein the individual lies flat on the floor and raises the legs, without lifting the head. Diagonal leg rising is a slight variation of leg rising. Here, opposite legs are bent towards the chest, by lying flat on the floor. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial. Avoid saturated fats and go in for poly and mono unsaturated fats. Aerobics is another simple form of exercise.
A stress free life eases many problems, both physiological and psychological. Yoga and meditation helps in reduce the existing stress.

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