Symptoms of Vaginal Infections

I need an easy to understand explanation of all symptoms and causes of vaginal infections.

Symptoms of vaginal infections are fairly easy to delineate. But you would need to know a bit of background first, there are two types of infections in the category we are discussing here. The first one is a vaginal infection, which is basically different from a urinary tract infection. However, for most part, one is usually considered to be the same as the other. The primary reason for this is that both have almost identical symptoms. The biggest symptom of any kind of vaginal or urinary tract infection is the feeling of an urgent need to urinate, and when you actually go to urinate, there is little or no urine coming out. The next symptom is that when you actually manage to squeeze out some urine, there is an intense burning sensation. Till you finish urinating and also for a long time thereafter, you will be troubled with this burning sensation. Another common symptom is a burning sensation near your abdomen. This is caused by urinary tract infections that have traveled way up in your urinary tract. You may also be experiencing an itching sensation in your genitals, although this is not the commonest symptom. The overriding feeling when suffering from any infection in your genitals is that of an acute and dull ache.

There could be several causes of these infections as well. A common cause is using a public restroom that had an infected person use it before you. If there is even a mild exchange of bodily fluids, you will catch this quite quickly. Another common cause is changing sexual partners. This will also spread an infection, particularly if any one of your partners is suffering from any kind of urinary infection. Generally low levels of hygiene can also cause a UTI or a vaginal infection. Not changing underwear frequently, not washing your genitals properly, wearing the same clothes repeatedly, all of these can actually cause an infection as well. You need to make sure you follow clean habits if you want to be rid of frequent problems such as UTIs and vaginal infections. Cleanliness will play a great role in preventing problems like this from cropping up frequently. Another thing you should know is that some people are simply more prone to catching infections than others. Even medical science has no explanation for this. But there is a category of people, albeit very low, who actually catch infections for no conceivable rhyme or reason.

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