Endocrine System

by Carol Gomes

The ductless glands of the body that secrete hormones are controlled by the endocrine system. These glands circulate through the bloodstream in our body. The endocrine system is also active in growth and development, metabolism, controlling mood and the functions of the tissue. There are various endocrine glands in our body. Some includes thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands. However, there are various exocrine glands too that includes sweat glands and salivary glands. Thyroid disease and diabetes mellitus are the common diseases of the endocrine system.

Types of Endocrinopathies

The endocrinopathies are of three different types- the primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary related with the dysfunction of the organs and the secretory hormones. The dysfunction that is related to the increased or decreased trophic factors and originates from the pituitary glands is known as the secondary endocrinopathy. The tertiary is the malfunction of hypothalamus. All the functions, organs and cells of our body depend on these endocrine glands to a large extent. The endocrine system works for the body processes like the cell growth of the body. Also, the endocrine system and the nervous system are distinct, but, they sometimes work together. While the nervous system monitors the processes, such as, body movement and breathing which are faster, the endocrine system monitors the slow processes.

Due to the slow growth in our body, various diseases take place like dwarfism and many more. Achondroplasia is one such disease that is the outcome of the dominant mutation. The mutation is in the FGFR3 or what is normally called as fibroblast growth factor receptor genre 3. This causes the irregularity and abnormality of the formation of the cartilage. In the process of achondroplasia, the changed form is active which leads to the shortening of the bones.

The people who suffer from achondroplasia have one copy of the FGFR3 genes and one copy of the mutant one. The person with achondroplasia has 50% chance that their offspring will receive the disease. In addition, it is found that most of the children born suffering from achondroplasia have the parents who do not have this ailment. The new mutation gives this result.

The diagnosis of achodroplasia can be carried even before birth by the ultrasound of the parents. It can also be detected when the conditions like low muscle tone and sluggish movement of the motor occurs. The endocrine system is very vital for the body and is the endocrine gland is popularly known as the parent gland. Thyroid is also one of the diseases that are caused due to the malfunction of the endocrine system. The growth of the structure of the body entirely depends on this.

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