Urinary System

by Rachel Bhan

Human body absorbs nutrients from all types of food materials, whether solid or liquid, in order to regulate the body functions which include providing energy to the body and initiating the process of self repair of various tissues and cells. Human body is like a smart engine that absorbs only the needful nutrient from the food and leaves behind the waste matter in blood or bowels. Lungs, skin, kidney, ureters, bladder, urethra and intestines form urinary system or the micturition system of our body. These internal parts of the body are used to separate the waste from our body.

The primary function of urinary system is to excrete all the waste materials of our body which are the result of cellular metabolism. It regulates the composition of fluids in our body. The rate of excretion depends on the quantity of fluids taken by an individual. Breathing and sweating also includes the loss of water from the human body are also the methods of excreting. Some medications affect the rate of urine elimination. The removal of urea is facilitated by the urinary system of our body. During the breakdown of food materials such as animal protein, poultry or some vegetables in urea is produced. Bloodstreams carry urea to the kidneys. Nephron minute filtering entity helps in separating urea from bloodstream in kidney. Urea with water forms the urine, which passes from kidney to the ureters through the renal tubules.

Due to the malfunctioning of the urinary system, severe kidney infections can develop. The problems in urinary system can develop due to maturing, some injury or infirmity. As the age advances some changes take place in the structure and it alters the ability of the urinary system to removal of waste from the body. At times due to some illness or injury affects the working of kidney which results in blockage of the passage of the urine.

Problems in urinary system can be detected through Urinalysis, which enables to detect the abnormal substances like proteins or certain infectious materials. The severity of disorder varies from person to person, in some cases it can be sever and in some unite. Its disorder can affect the working of prostrate gland, the reproductive organ of man. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a disorder in which the prostrate gland enlarges and interferes with the normal functioning of the urinary system. Kidney stone is another ailment which is related to the urinary system. Stone can be a cause of pain in the urinary system and affects the passage of urine.

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