by Andrew Mills

Conductive hearing loss is something that ostosclerosis can lead to. When you say ostosclerosis, it is a hearing impairment that involves the capsule of the middle ear. The stapes and its movements are what this hearing ailment specifically affects. The stapes by the way are the three tiny bones that can be found in a person's middle ear. In the middle ear, when the bony tissue grows abnormally, that is often the indication of ostosclerosis.

Experiencing hearing loss is never that easy. One could forever lose the ability to communicate with others. And without communication, life can really become difficult. Ostosclerosis is a hearing condition that is more than likely brought on by some genetic disorder. Young adults are typically the ones being affected by this condition. In adults who have conductive hearing loss, ostosclerosis is usually the cause of that. Studies have shown so far that 10% of the population suffers from ostosclerosis but that 10% of these have hearing loss.

Ostosclerosis is not something to be taken lightly. When you have this hearing condition, it is most likely that your ears, both of them are affected. The level of the loss of hearing you could experience can actually reach a 60 decibel loss. This condition is usually characterized by bone rebuilding, not normally but rapidly. The tiny bones found in the person's middle ear are what is being rebuilt rapidly. These tiny bones will then become denser and in so doing will freeze your stapes. Once that occurs, the sound waves cannot then reach to your inner ear.

The loss of hearing that is sensory can also happen if the ostosclerotic bone happens to invade the cochlea. This condition though is very rare. There are many ways nowadays that a person can deal with ostosclerosis. He or she may opt for a surgery to correct the problem. Also, one can just wait it out, there is a possibility that the condition would clear up by itself in time. A person can also take medications. Another way of dealing with ostosclerosis is through the use of hearing aids.

There are many available hearing aid types out there. You can always check with your doctor what fits you best. Though ostosclerosis does not foster complete loss of hearing, with the help of a hearing aid, you can have a normal life as much as possible. So do not hesitate to utilize one.

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