What are treatments for lung plurisy

Lung pleurisy refers to a condition where the membranes surrounding the lungs get inflamed, resulting in severe chest pain. Other than conventional drugs and treatment options, there are a few simple remedies you can try at home to treat this condition naturally.

  • Hot compresses to the chest for half an hour everyday will help in reducing chest pain effectively. The heat causes the lungs to open up which in turn relieves congestion and pain caused by the pleurisy. You can even take a hot shower everyday for 20-25 minutes to relieve chest tightness.
  • When you start experiencing the symptoms of lung pleurisy, try to eat very little and drink plenty of water. Eating too much can worsen the congestion in the upper respiratory tract. Adequate water intake on the other hand ensures that the mucus remains thin and the lungs are clear.
  • If you suffer from lung pleurisy, it is always advisable to have a humidifier in the room. This moisture from the humidifier ensures that the mucus remains thin and can be passed out easily from the lungs. It is important to make sure that the humidifier is kept clean so that you can prevent other infections.
  • Avoid exerting yourself and any physical activities that may cause you to breathe harder.

There are also a number of natural ingredients that you can consume regularly to ease the symptoms of lung pleurisy. Some of these are as under:

  • Celery – It has excellent antispasmodic properties that are very effective in treating pleurisy.
  • Similarly, hogweed is another herb that is very beneficial in eliminating phlegm and catarrhal matter from the lungs. You can consume its powdered root 3 times a day for effective relief from the symptoms of pleurisy.
  • You can also apply a poultice made from linseeds for effective relief from chest pain.

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