by Sharon Hopkins

Watsu is a type of alternative therapy, a type of massage which is given to a patient who requires to be standing in warm waist deep water. Watsu is a step up from another type of soothing delicate massage called the shiatsu.

Both watsu and shiatsu use the same type of body map as acupressure. Watsu is a massage that aims towards removing blockages from the body so as to ensure smooth supply of energy throughout the body. Watsu masseur along with the massage requires you to move your body in warm water, so that warm water helps all body to remove blockages.

At certain times watsu masseur also might require you to the water dance so as to relax all your muscles. Watsu is often known as the floating massage. This massage is a very delicate type of massage and all those who are quite satisfied by shiatsu might try watsu because of similarities.

Watsu is sometimes thought to be more relaxing, water due to its up-thrust quality helps the client stay afloat, at the same time water provides support to the spine, this helps the therapist to take his own time and give a very detailed massage to the complete body.

Watsu technique requires that water temperature be maintained at 96 degree Fahrenheit and no more or less because it will not be as effective otherwise. Watsu therapist starts therapy from the lower body and moves towards the spinal cord, later he starts working on the upper body.

Watsu therapist often work on the same pressure points as the acupressure, but water here helps in relaxation and restoration of energy flow throughout the body more effectively. Watsu also has helped people get rid of phobias like water phobia or swimming phobia, since water is involved, this therapy works like magic and helps the client to feel extremely comfortable inside the water.

Several times watsu has been described as feeling of being inside a mother's womb, warm, cared, loved and secured. People who have experienced watsu once generally like the experience and go for it again and again for its absolutely relaxing massage.

Before the massage begins the therapist might rock the client in cradling position, this position is known to invoke emotions and is also considered as the most rewarding position in all, this gives the feeling of being absolutely secured to the client. Watsu is considered useful for those in high stress jobs.

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