Chanting Mantras

by Sam Malone

All those who are spiritually inclined will love this method of attaining stress free lifestyle and chanting God's name along with its powerful vibrations. Mantras were chanted, by sages in ancient India, at the time of offering prayers to Gods, Mantras are still used in day-to-day lives by people in India, it is ultimately necessary that you chant a Mantra before you begin daily business.

Mantras are required to be chanted after you have cleaned and purified yourself, i.e. after your bath. Chanting mantras is a way of life in India, most important mantra is the Gayatri Mantra. Other important mantras are the Shiva mantras. Mantras are essentially Hindu mantras, which evoke peaceful and sound which increase concentration and you will feel lighter almost instantly.

Mantras have also been included in the Yoga exercises. No yoga exercise is complete without chanting a Mantra. So what does a Mantra do? Chanting mantras will bring your body and soul together, it is a belief of Hindu religion that Universe evoked from sound, therefore, sound is important part of our lives. Not all sound is taken as important, Chanting 'OM' from a higher degree of volume an gradually coming to a lower volume also works like a mantra.

Mantras are in Sanskrit language, Sanskrit language is a powerful language with powerful and rich sounds, therefore, chanting mantras in this language is more beneficial. Since Buddhism began in India, this religion too includes mantras in its way of prayers. Buddhist mantras as especially the ones, which were started by Buddhist monks, most of these too date back ages.

Chanting mantras works towards bringing all the evoking all faculties in our body, with the vibration of mantras we can actually bring these in a state of consciousness, which in turn helps the body to function fully without stopping. This therapy is not considered a therapy in India; here is a way of life. But in the Western countries the effects of chanting Hindu mantras or Shiva mantras was recognized and used as an alternative therapy for spiritual and mental well being.

You can begin by taking a long breath and uttering the mantra 'OM' at the first go, it would be better if you were absolutely relaxed, sitting straight with your eyes closed and no other noise to distract you. Feel the vibrations all over the body as you close your lips to towards the ending. You will feel better after doing this; at least thrice also enjoy feeling lighter!

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